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      測試主機 EA-2

      EA-2 Electro-Acoustic Tests System

      EA-2, by IEA Electro-acoustic Technology Co., Ltd, is the new exciting measurement software combined for the NEW System from CLIOFW or Soundcheck and LinearX.
      The System is the easiest and less expensive way to measure:

      • electrical networks

      • electronic equipment

      • loudspeaker systems

      • telephones & hearing aids

      • environmental noise

      • rooms acoustics

      • quality of production lines

      EA-2 Basic on a High Performance PC computer includes driving the measurement hardware and accessories supplied by IEA & DSP from CLIO or Soundcheck; the power, precision and reliability of the resulting instrument is 100% warranted.

      EA-2 with NEW EA-2 is a new design based on a huge work which is the synthesis of more than 16 years experience and excellence in electro-acoustic measurement systems and gives you all the power and flexibility you need. IEA refines all the well established measurement techniques already implemented in the IEA system while adding several new functionalities.

      EA-2 comes in different releases to run the proper IEA & CLIOFW & SoudchecK analyzer hardware. (Customer offer herself SC software)
      EA-2:Controls the FW-01 Firewire Audio Interface DSP (24 bit @ 192kHz) options.


      Compared to other measurement systems, EA-2 concentrates the power of many different instruments into a single one.
      Three different measurement techniques are available for system identification and characterization:(Issue by CLIOFW Version 8 options)

      • MLS & LogChirp analysis using either pseudo-random noise or logarithmic chirps as stimuli

      • Sinusoidal Sweeps using sinusoidal signals

      • FFT, RTA and 'Live' Transfer Function letting you the choice of any stimulus, even live music.

      While other instruments offer one single possible measurement choice, EA-2 gives you three alternatives permitting to view the physical phenomenon like frequency response, impedance or other parameters, from three different points of view. The final result will be then validated by the consistency of these measurements: as any expert technician knows, this is the correct approach that should always be adopted.

      The following specialized control panels are dedicated to other specific measurements

      • Sound Level Meter a complete IEC61672 integrating sound level meter with Leq and frequency analysis

      • Linearity and Distortion measures the non linear behavior of an electronic equipment

      • Interactive L-C-R Bridge permits passive components measurement on the fly

      • Wow & Flutter Meter with time and frequency analysis

      • Frequency Counter

      Beyond measured results you get sophisticated post-processing tools for:

      • Thiele & Small Parameters for loudspeaker characterization

      • ISO 3382 Acoustical Parameters for rooms and auditoria characterization

      • Waterfall plots to evaluate sound decay as 3D or Color graphs

      • Directivity analysis for loudspeaker characterization as Color maps, Circular or 3D plots

      • Wavelet analysis for joint time-frequency loudspeaker characterization

      Using all the aforementioned measuring and post-processing techniques it is possible to tailor powerful Quality Control scripts that will manage and identify any production line of electronic or electro-acoustic devices.



      • Two channels 24 Bit sigma-delta D/A Converter

      • Frequency range:1Hz-90kHz (CLIOFW options)

      • Frequency range:1Hz-40kHz (Soundcheck options from customer offer)

      • Frequency accuracy:>0.01%

      • Frequency resolution:0.01Hz

      • Output impedance:660Ohm

      • Max output level (Sine):17dBu (5.5Vrms)

      • Attenuation:0.1 dB steps to full mute

      • THD+Noise(Sine):0.008%

      • Digital out:SPDIF


      • Two channels 24 bit sigma-delta A/D Converter

      • Input range:+40 ÷ -40dBV

      • Max input acceptance:+40dBV (283Vpp)

      • Input impedance:128kOhm (5.6kOhm mic)

      • Phantom power supply:24V

      Measuring Power Amplifier

      • Frequency Response:10~ 50KHz.

      • Max. Power Output:10Watt RMS. 8 Ohm Loading.

      • THD+Noise(Sine)<0.05% (at 1KHz)

      Input Microphone Power Module

      • Frequency Response:10~ 100KHz.

      • Polarization Voltage:200VDC (LEMO Connector, B&K & GRAS Microphone can be Use)

      • THD+Noise(Sine)<0.001% (at 1KHz)

      CPU INTEL CORE II MORE, RAM1G, HD>250G, Two free IEEE1394 port and USB port, 7 Inch Touch Panel Monitor, Window XP request.


      • Sampling frequencies:192kHz, 96kHz and 48kHz.

      • Audio connections:2 XLR combo analog inputs, 2 XLR plus 2 RCA analog outputs, 1 RCA digital output

      • Digital connection:6-pin IEEE1394

      • Power supply:IEEE1394 or 12V DC

      • Dimensions:44(w)x42(d)x10(h)

      • Weight:6.5 kg

      客服電話:(0512)57811068 傳真:(0512)36839918 郵箱:denepu@126.com
      2010-2011 denepu.com Rights Reserved. 備案:蘇ICP備14023745號 技術支持 益眾網絡
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